Who remembers The Blair Witch Project?

THE BLAIR WITCH RETURNS In 1999, The Blair Witch Project dominated the box office. It was produced on a shoestring budget and would go on to gross over $240 million dollars. The Blair Witch Project did this because it was the first internet viral marketing hit. It had a real …

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Star Trek: The Best & Very Worst in less than 500 Words

50 Years is a long time for anything. It is a long time to be alive, to be married or be in a job. 50 years for a pop culture entity is an eternity. It is almost immortality to survive the zeitgeist of the fickle consuming public and endure. This …

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Michael Sweet, Stryper Band talks faith, heavy metal & recent projects

The “virtual lounge” is open and Ty and Nick are privileged to welcome rock n’ roll legend Michael Sweet inside for this …

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Suicide Squad Misses The Mark

Suicide Squad Suicide Squad is the latest from Warner Bros trying desperately to set up their DC Comics Cinematic Universe and it …

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What it’s really like on the Campaign Trail w/ Donald Trump w/ CBS News

Fascinating interview with CLNS Radio’s Coach Nick of the BBALL Breakdown Podcast. He hosts CBS News’ Sopan Deb   Sopan Deb of …

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