Tour of the Heirloom Vegetable and Micro Green Gardens at Beaumont Inn


COOKBOOK #10: Chef Jeff Huntzinger | Beaumont Inn Heirloom/Micro green Garden Tour & Gardening Tips

COMING SOON: Beats & Eats TV

Yes! You read that correctly! Beats and Eats is entering the TV business!

Nick Gelso, One half of the BnE Duo, is now the semi-regular co-host of the new Beats and Eats TV show, broadcasted on the ION Network.

Below, you will find the raw, pilot episode of NE Current. Their are a lot of changes on the horizon as Media 59 starts putting their finger prints on the production elements of the show. However, the spotlight of our friends at Beaumont INN (below) gives you a good indication of the unique perspective that hosts Nick Gelso and Kate Moss will spotlight in this new, 30-mintues, terrestrial TV show on the ION Network. The show is going to have HD audio/video, a lively, up-beat format, incorporating all of the elements you love about the Beats and Eats Podcast.

Obviously, guests will be a HUGE part of the show format. This will be a spotlight show, featuring independent restauranteurs (NO CHAINS!), business owners, community events, charity events and fundraisers, city events and any other intriguing story that has captivated the Beats and Eats listeners over the last year.

Each show will be featured ONLINE with a brief bonus feature podcast, getting a little more personal with each guest. We also included the short audio bite that accompanies the Beats and Eats TV broadcast, in it’s online release.

If you are interested in inquiring about having YOUR business featured, you can simply reply to this email and our booking agent will respond to you within 48 hours.



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