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The Tech Life Podcast is going through a reboot of sorts.  During a much-needed summer vacation, I spent some time thinking about the podcast and what I want to accomplish with it.  The first thing I hope folks will notice over the next couple of episodes is improved production quality.  I’m new to podcasting but learning quickly and invested in some new equipment that I think will make a difference.

The other aspect of the show that I focused a lot of thought on was content.  I decided to continue to focus specifically on tech-related stories in Charleston, SC.  The market here is evolving so quickly and there are so many stories to tell that I think that while spotlighting a single market can be limiting in some ways, it provides a great opportunity to find and connect with really rich and interesting stories.

For example, the most recent episode featuring Matt Gough and his startup Echovate is especially interesting.  It focuses on his decision to relocate from the Northeast to Charleston to launch the venture AND highlights the relationships he has built with established local players like SPARC and the Charleston Digital Corridor.

Another aspect of content planning that I will be focusing more on is ensuring that I bring you more timely and relevant stories.  There is so much going on in Charleston these days that there’s tremendous opportunity to tap into these activities as they happen and share them with you.  This weekend, Charleston is hosting Startup Weekend, thanks to the Harbor Entrepreneur Center, featured in episode 5, and others, and I’ll be participating.  In coming weeks, we’ll see the Echovate launch party as well as the DigSouth ShinDig to celebrate the opening of the Silicon Harbor Welcome Center.

I hope everyone enjoys the reboot and please check out our archive, follow us on Twitter, and engage with us on Facebook.

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