#91: COOKBOOK w/ Chef Brian Santos, Exec Chef at TD Garden & Hell’s Kitchen 13


COOKBOOK #11: Chef Brian Santos

The “Virtual Kitchen” is proud to welcome Luxury Suite Chef at the TD Garden, the home of the Boston Celtics and Bruins.  Chef Brian Santos, Ty and Nick talk about Brian’s culinary experiences, working in a large concert and sporting venue.

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COOKBOOK 11: Chef Brian Santos RECIPE:

Sea Bass ala Meuniere
With Relish DePiment, Celeriac Puree & Sautéed Spinach

Sea Bass ala Meuniere


– 2 Whole Sea Bass
– ¼ tbsp of Butter
– Grains of Paradise
– Dredge fish in flour & seasoning
– Sear & cook fish 90%
– Squeeze Lemon,  S&P & grains of paradise

Relish De Piment
1 Navel Orange / use half zest
1 Cinnamon Stick
½ cup Red Wine Vinegar
¼ Cup Gran Marnier
Julienne Red Pepper & Onion and Sweat with Cinnamon Stick
Add Sugar & Currants
Deglaze with Red Wine Vinegar and reduce to Gastrique
Add Ginger & Orange Juice & Zest
Deglaze with Grand Marnier
Adjust Seasoning
1 ¼ of Celery Root
1 ½ cup of Heavy Cream
Small Dice Celery Root in H2O & ½ Lemon
Boil until fork tender
Bring Cream to boil and simmer
Puree & add cream, then run thru sieve
Adjust Seasoning
Sautéed Spinach
10 oz. Baby Spinach
1 Shallot Small Dice
Olive Oil to Coat
½ cup of White Wine
Deglaze with half of White Wine
Add Spinach , Cook Down
Add remaining White Wine
Strain & Adjust Seasoning

Put Celery Root Puree on middle of plate and make a circle motion about 3 Inches radius Place Sauteed Spinach from top to bottom of plate just a little bit longer then fish Place Sea Bass Over Spinach Horizontally lay Red Pepper De Piment  over Celery Puree and Sea Bass Garnish with Mache

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