Star Trek: The Best & Very Worst in less than 500 Words


bne50 Years is a long time for anything. It is a long time to be alive, to be married or be in a job. 50 years for a pop culture entity is an eternity. It is almost immortality to survive the zeitgeist of the fickle consuming public and endure.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek franchise and its jump from TV to Movies, back to TV then back to Movies. It has been a long, important ride that is all about longevity.

For pop culture to last 50 years, it must be generational. One generation after another passing the stories down like fine, shiny heirlooms. Consumed by the elders, passed to young and on and on and on….

Star Trek is generational pop culture and it has touched the folks at the Beats and Eats Network. Nick Gelso and I have been gifted this by members of our family. Nick had the gift from his Mom and brother who he used to watch with and make model kits with. My gift came from my Dad in the summer of 1982 with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. One trip into a dark theater and i was hooked, a Trekkie or as I prefer a Trekker for life. These are lasting familial bonds that fuse with a franchise to create lifelong fandom that has to be spread to the next generation.

There are 13 movies in the Star Trek Cinematic Universe (12 if you try and put Star Trek V: the Final Frontier out of mind) with very little doubt about the worst or the best. There is also little doubt that the current cast is doing a fine job of carrying the mantle of Roddenberry’s creation.

The Worst:

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier–  Why does God need a starship? A Complete misfire on all fronts that was widely impacted by a writer’s strike and by the ham fisted direction of William Shatner.


The Best:

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan–  in the argument for the greatest sequel of all time. This has everything : The best villain in Ricardo Montalban’s Khan. Great action sequences throughout, great music by James Horner and the kind of emotion franchises dream about with characters we love. It is the gold standard by which Star Trek movies are judged……
Star Trek is celebrating 50 years, a generational juggernaut and all makes all want to Boldly Go!


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